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System to maintain attractive store creation





VMD is a method of expressing "measures for selling products and services" in an easy-to-understand manner. The work in charge of VMD is diverse, and it is necessary to have specialized skills to always arrange the entire store from the customer's perspective and create attractive productions. The most important focus of VMD is the development of "VMD style" that suits the brand's individuality. Just as the clothes and makeup that suit each person are different, the VMD method changes depending on the concept of the store and brand. The developed VMD style will be made into a manual to improve work efficiency.


It is now possible to propose various VMD programs based on [VMD Work Unit 6], which systematically grasps VMD operations and divides them into 6 units.

VMD業務を体系的に捉え、6つのユニットに分けた【 VMDワークユニット6 】を元に様々なVMDプログラムのご提案が可能となりました


​DISPLAY ​- 気づきと感動の場作り


The display, which is the showcase of the store, can be noticed and impressed by the viewer. Coordination that you can't think of, outstanding performance output, and a display created with a world view that you have never met can encourage even impulse purchases. Overseas, it is also called silent sales (silent salesman). Now that the collaboration between the Web and stores has become the standard for marketing Visual suction power that becomes an icon is required. We propose coordination and displays that instantly appeal the story and charm of the product. To improve your display technique, you just have to keep an eye on the work of a good player and just repeat the practice. For that purpose, basic display knowledge is required.






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